Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

London building


Bright sunlight and deep shadow.  The camera tries to adjust to the light and so even the bright blue sky is turned navy.  If it wasn’t for the hint of colour this could be a black and white photo.  A hazy black stripe on the left (possibly part of the window of the room I was in), a flaw in the frame but I think it lends a little mystery to a stark picture.


Midweek moment of inspiration

the fox

Inspired by a photo

Have you ever felt inspired by something?  Something that just makes you want to capture an image or a feeling, something that demands a response?  I often feel that way about things but so often end up doing nothing about it.

Not this time though, as the series of photos of a character in a Japanese play made me want to say or do something to express how much I enjoyed them.  I could have commented on the post but I didn’t know what I wanted to say, and after looking at them a couple of times I just felt I had to draw the character of The Fox himself.

It’s quite light as it’s only in HB pencil and the scan has lost some of the detail, in particular the white haired wig, but the act of drawing satisfied the urge no matter how successful the outcome 🙂

You can check out the photos here.  The black and white ones are great but I prefer the colour,
I love the vivid scarlet of The Fox’s costume.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

diceman dark angel

dark angel

Extra, extra, read all about it!  A shot of Grafton Street in Dublin, where there are often street performers to entertain the shoppers.  This photo is from a few years ago, when several people dressed in strange costume to pay tribute to The Diceman.  Originally from Scotland, he moved to Ireland and became a popular street performer often seen on this street.




Midweek mire

Wednesday again, these weeks roll around so quickly!  I’ve fallen into the habit of posting on a wednesday (cheated a bit last week by combining the weekly photo challenge with the wednesday post).  Still no word from my old job about whether or not they will be able to take me back.  I feel like my life is on hold until I know for sure one way or another.

One good thing I want to share from this week, the college results are in and I got a distinction, so the past three years were not a total waste 🙂 .  Time to celebrate.

Drink me


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Secrets of Convenience

Secrets of Convenience

The split-second story, a picture that tells a story, hopefully without the need for words.

This is a shot from a project I submitted on a photography course many years ago. The brief for this first project was open and I decided on a tongue-in-cheek examination of the use of public toilets. This is the opening paragraph from the project, describing its aims.

This project aims to open the doors of one of the last public spaces still unknown territory to half the population. Most public toilets are places of sanctuary from the opposite sex. Males, being able to pop in and out in a couple of seconds whenever they feel the need, have difficulty in understanding the almost universal desire of females to go in in twos. A girl needs a companion to make the queues seem shorter, to talk about any talent (or the lack of any talent), and to make sure the clothes, face and hair are immaculate before venturing back out into the unisex environment. This project charts the progress of a journey into the secrets of convenience.

Here’s another couple of pics, the others are mostly of queues 😉

Wink, winksmiling lady

Wink, wink                                                             Smiling lady