Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Fountain in Roma

Fountain at the Vatican, in Roma


Summer in Rome, under blue skies, on a hot day, refreshed by the spray of the fountain.


This is not today or yesterday, but back in 2008, an image of a different person, living a previous life.


Someday I will return, seek out the blue skies, make new memories of Italy, link with my old self.



First week back at work

The first week back after 3 years studying is finally over!  I still don’t know where I’m supposed to be assigned to or what I’m going to be doing.  I don’t even have a desk yet.  Back to normality at last, I feel right at home 🙂

The best thing about it is the wages, I’ll soon have money of my own again, a step towards independence and getting my life started off fresh.  I think I can live with lack of direction in work as long as it allows me to choose my direction outside of it.

Weekly photo challenge: relic

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a relic is an object of interest surviving from an earlier time or a surviving but outdated object, custom or belief.  Both of those definitions suit these signs on the windows at the back of a shop that has long ago changed use.

A bit of navel-gazing

Birthdays tend to lead to introspection and evaluation of the big questions; what have I done with my life so far and where am I driving it to?  Difficult questions to answer without headbutting the wall out of frustration with my own ability to think myself into an ever-decreasing spiral :/

It is a conundrum; how to move forward when I don’t know where I want to go?  Part of me fears decision making.  If I go this way, how do I get back if I don’t like where I end up?  I have a need for stability and security but I hate being tied to jobs and situations that I can’t just drop when I want to.  I no longer have the emotional and financial support of a relationship and there have been times over the past 6 months where I would have happily walked out the door with a small suitcase and left everything else without a backward glance.

Perhaps there is too much excitement in the nomadic lifestyle, few possessions, always moving on, new job, new place, new people.  I think I will stick to a more conventional existence, go back to work, get a place of my own and re-start my life from here 🙂

Yellow fish

No worries about the deeper meaning of life!


Happy Birthday to me! Another year older, another year wiser (possibly). I can’t help feeling that my life is passing me by