Anxious thoughts

I have been feeling unwell for a week or so.  Not really ill, just an uncomfortable sick feeling in my stomach.  Not really sure whether it is due to poor diet (chocolate is not a major food group no matter how hard I wish it was 🙂 ) or only anxiety.

A lot of upheaval in my life at the moment; new job, trying to move house, becoming an aunty for the first time.  I’m not sure how well I’m doing at all of this and so I fret (and bite my nails).  I haven’t even met my niece yet, but have spent many months looking forward to her arrival; and worrying about my offers of babysitting, not having any experience of babies! (Oh yes I’ll look after your baby no problem, by the way how do you change a nappy?)

Maybe I just need a few early nights, a bit more sleep will make everything seem much better.