Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps, Roma

A convergence of people on the Spanish Steps in Rome, trip to Italy in 2008


Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Achievement, a difficult challenge.  I can think of several achievements of which I am proud, but I have no photo of these to answer the challenge.

Most recently, my degree (haven’t graduated officially yet, so no cap-and-gown photo ’til January).  Many years ago (more than I care to remember) I played bass live with a band (twice, once without any drummer) and this is still one of my favourite memories 🙂 (happy times!).

But a weekly photo challenge post without a photo is not a proper post, so……

garden design

garden design

A project I worked on for college to redesign a communal garden, keeping some of the original features, took me weeks to design and days to draw!