Weekly photo challenge: ephemeral


Shadows on the snow,
will soon fade away,
but a photograph captures the moment,
and preserves it for the future


Weekly photo challenge: Fresh

I am looking for a fresh start in life.  It is now over a year since the break-up and I am still going through the process of separation.  Sometimes it seems like it’s never going to end, that I’ll be stuck here forever.  However, it looks like things may be finally moving on and I’ll be moving out.  Both terrifying and exhilarating, it will most definitely be something new, and I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, here’s a fresh picture of a fresh pasta dish, spaghetti with sprouts, peas and pesto in a bright green colour.

fresh pea pasta

pea and pesto pasta


Weekly photo challenge: Orange

Orange is a bright and cheerful colour

The colour orange was named after the fruit, before the fruit was known the colour was called red, as in red hair or foxes fur.

It’s funny that goldfish are called gold when they are usually closer to a carrot in colour, I’ve heard that the name is related to the wild colouring, which is a sort of old gold rather than the bright yellow colour we associate with gold today.

This challenge asks us to juxtapose different subjects and different shades of orange.


My philosophy of life

See, that’s the trouble with reality, it’s taken far too seriously

Listening to the radio this morning, An Emotional Fish’s Celebrate came on and the above line stuck in my head.  It’s as close as I get to a philosophy of life 😉  We only get the one, remember to embrace the silly!

on the pigs back

Weekly photo challenge: Reward

Drink me

Champagne, my favourite reward

I love to treat myself with a bottle of champagne to celebrate special events or reward myself after serious effort.  There’s a bottle waiting for when I move house, packed and ready to go 😉 and I had a very special bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte after I finally passed my driving test.