Motionless motion

birds over water

A sculpture that captures the motion of birds flying low over the surface of water


Thank (insert deity of choice) it’s Friday

30 seconds ago I was in work mode, now it is the weekend so I’m laughing, possibly hysterically, though not literally (people would stare)  🙂


smiling lady

Earworm for today is the guitar part to Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott which has been running around in my head all morning.  I don’t really know the words to it so it’s just the solo on repeat.

Currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  It’s good so far but I’ve only just started it so I’ve not really got into it yet.

The sun is shining and my mood is up so all is well with the world.  Happy Friday!

Life is a balancing act


And if you fall off you should get straight back on it?  Only if there’s something chasing you, otherwise it’s ok to sit and nurse your bruised ego for a bit 🙂
My balance is a bit wobbly at the best of times, it’s seriously off-kilter at the moment ;p