Rainbow pencils


The colours of the rainbow in colouring pencils (a small selection of the slightly ridiculous amount that I own) 🙂

Off season end of season

Watched the season finale of Game of Thrones last night, winter is coming – most definitely!  Can’t wait for next season and (hopefully) the next book too.
In keeping with this and totally out of season here, this is a picture of a snowy park in winter.


Vivid memories

NewYork night

New York at night

Bright lights of the city that never sleeps bringing back vivid memories of holidays in New York.  I can almost feel the heat and hear the traffic when I look at this picture

On the way by the National Gallery

On the way home from percussion group I walk past the National Gallery, which is undergoing a strip back and revamp. 


On the outside of the hoarding, these photos show the work in progress.


The gallery is on the way to a fresh look, with state of the art display spaces.


Every time I passed these pictures I think how much I would like to see inside.