My philosophy of life

See, that’s the trouble with reality, it’s taken far too seriously

Listening to the radio this morning, An Emotional Fish’s Celebrate came on and the above line stuck in my head.  It’s as close as I get to a philosophy of life 😉  We only get the one, remember to embrace the silly!

on the pigs back


A bit of navel-gazing

Birthdays tend to lead to introspection and evaluation of the big questions; what have I done with my life so far and where am I driving it to?  Difficult questions to answer without headbutting the wall out of frustration with my own ability to think myself into an ever-decreasing spiral :/

It is a conundrum; how to move forward when I don’t know where I want to go?  Part of me fears decision making.  If I go this way, how do I get back if I don’t like where I end up?  I have a need for stability and security but I hate being tied to jobs and situations that I can’t just drop when I want to.  I no longer have the emotional and financial support of a relationship and there have been times over the past 6 months where I would have happily walked out the door with a small suitcase and left everything else without a backward glance.

Perhaps there is too much excitement in the nomadic lifestyle, few possessions, always moving on, new job, new place, new people.  I think I will stick to a more conventional existence, go back to work, get a place of my own and re-start my life from here 🙂

Yellow fish

No worries about the deeper meaning of life!

Midweek moment of inspiration

the fox

Inspired by a photo

Have you ever felt inspired by something?  Something that just makes you want to capture an image or a feeling, something that demands a response?  I often feel that way about things but so often end up doing nothing about it.

Not this time though, as the series of photos of a character in a Japanese play made me want to say or do something to express how much I enjoyed them.  I could have commented on the post but I didn’t know what I wanted to say, and after looking at them a couple of times I just felt I had to draw the character of The Fox himself.

It’s quite light as it’s only in HB pencil and the scan has lost some of the detail, in particular the white haired wig, but the act of drawing satisfied the urge no matter how successful the outcome 🙂

You can check out the photos here.  The black and white ones are great but I prefer the colour,
I love the vivid scarlet of The Fox’s costume.

Midweek mire

Wednesday again, these weeks roll around so quickly!  I’ve fallen into the habit of posting on a wednesday (cheated a bit last week by combining the weekly photo challenge with the wednesday post).  Still no word from my old job about whether or not they will be able to take me back.  I feel like my life is on hold until I know for sure one way or another.

One good thing I want to share from this week, the college results are in and I got a distinction, so the past three years were not a total waste 🙂 .  Time to celebrate.

Drink me


Midweek middle-aged moment



Well it’s Wednesday, middle of the week, and I’m looking forward to a busy weekend with family and friends.  The sun is shining, I spent all yesterday in the garden and today is national fish and chip day here (chips for lunch is my plan) so life is good; as long as I don’t think any further into the future than Monday 😉