Think of a happy place and then will yourself there


Think of a happy place, somewhere I feel confident and not lost at sea.
Most of the time I am out of my depth, not in control of anything at all.
Here at the temporary desk on the table I can achieve success.
Back at college part time for two years and hopefully getting on alright! I like to think so, anyway:)


Friday half day

Today was Blooming marvellous, except for the weather 🙂   I took a half day off work and went to Bloom in the Phoenix Park, took photos of the show gardens,  sampled food and drink.  Much nicer than spending the afternoon in work and I ended up on the same train home as I would normally get. 
There seems to have been a watery type theme going on in many of the gardens and blue flowers feature in many of them.


Peter pan themed garden


Coastal planting, with the bones of a boat and fish sculptures


More fish sculptures,  this time in copper wire


Flowers in all shades of blue

For me it’s as much about the food as the plants.  They have farm animals there and demonstrations of things like sheep shearing to encourage people to think about where their food comes from.  There’s a stage where chefs do demos and many of the food stalls give samples as well as having stuff for sale.

I bought the new Blur album recently, on download which I’ve never done before, and I’m really enjoying that, particularly ‘Ghost Ship’, which has a lovely melody.  I’ve been thinking of getting the vinyl, but I think there might be something wrong with my record player.  I haven’t really used it in years and everything sounds way too crackly.

I’ve been re-watching a few episodes of ‘The Smoking Room’, which is a great little comedy, well worth checking out.

Work, who needs it?

This week I’ve been off work and lazing around.  Trying not to think about work and not really succeeding. I’m already getting that Sunday sinking feeling and it’s only Friday evening.
Still, I can only tell myself that it’s only temporary as everything is and try and see the good points (if I can find any ; p )  Life is too short to worry about work when I have a job.

“To be here and now and who we are”

My Sad Captains by Elbow, from The Take Off and Landing of Everything is this week’s earworm.  It’s a lovely album, full of wistful tunes with Guy Garvey’s wonderful voice (I could listen to him all day)  Great Sunday afternoon radio show on BBC 6 music from 2 till 4, I try not to miss it, but if I can’t make it, it’s repeated at midnight, well worth a listen.

I’m working on the neck of a jumper at the moment, sleeves next.  Bit of a disaster, but we’ll see how it sews up.


Feeling like Friday

It’s the end of the week again and I’ve got that Friday feeling on the double because I’m off work next week 🙂
There were times this week that I was close to tears, everything getting on top of me, but I’ve made it through and I will make a conscious effort to forget work for next week.
The weather is dull and drizzly,  not an auspicious start to the weekend.
On an up note, I got a place on a part time computer course starting in September, which should be interesting.  I do love to learn new things.


study: definition

Friday night out

Still buzzing after last night’s brilliant Charlatans gig.  My ears are ringing,  my throat is wrecked from shouting along to all the songs and I can’t stop smiling. Let the good times be never ending 🙂
Felt like I was 20 again (and that’s not today or yesterday!)  I may have bounced about a bit too, particularly to How High

I finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It took a while to get into, but I got hooked about half way through and really enjoyed it. 

Happy Bank Holiday weekend,  even though the weather is a bit of a washout!

Life is a balancing act


And if you fall off you should get straight back on it?  Only if there’s something chasing you, otherwise it’s ok to sit and nurse your bruised ego for a bit 🙂
My balance is a bit wobbly at the best of times, it’s seriously off-kilter at the moment ;p

Weekly photo challenge: Fresh

I am looking for a fresh start in life.  It is now over a year since the break-up and I am still going through the process of separation.  Sometimes it seems like it’s never going to end, that I’ll be stuck here forever.  However, it looks like things may be finally moving on and I’ll be moving out.  Both terrifying and exhilarating, it will most definitely be something new, and I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, here’s a fresh picture of a fresh pasta dish, spaghetti with sprouts, peas and pesto in a bright green colour.

fresh pea pasta

pea and pesto pasta